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In association with Tech Corp Legal LLP, an International Business Law Firm, we provide business, management, technical and legal solutions to the challenges confronted by cutting-edge technology companies and startups. Our team understands technology and business, and provides business and consultancy services related to Corporate Laws, Technology Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Securities, Mergers and Acquisitions, and other matters that affect startups and technology companies.

We are devoted to helping our clients achieve success by providing services customized to their specific requirements. Launching and running a startup is a challenge, and structure of the business is even more critical. The structure of the business decides the liabilities of the founders, tax implications, benefits, raising funds & capital, and other regulatory procedures required under the law of the appropriate jurisdiction. We are business consultants with a specialty in early-stage tech startup companies.

Our business consultancy focuses on critical life-cycle events, including incorporation (formation), hiring, funding, acquiring and positioning to get acquired. Additionally, our tech consultancy practice includes patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, licensing, development, distribution, and strategic partnering.

We consult and advice our clients by providing a diverse range of services, including, Right Time to Incorporate a Legal Entity, Finance, Funding & Venture Capital, Type of Entity: Company vs. Partnership vs. Sole Proprietorship, Right Location (Jurisdiction) to Incorporate a Company, Company Incorporation across multiple jurisdictions, Setting up Liaison / Representative / Branch/ Project Office across multiple jurisdictions, Franchising, Licensing, Retail, Things to do Before Quitting a Job and Starting a Business, Selecting a Business Name, Branding & Trademarks, Shareholders & Stock Options, Tax Planning & Management, Employees, Interns, Human Resource (HR) Management & Labor Laws, Joint Ventures, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Disputes, Litigation & Arbitration, Foreign Direct Investment & Foreign Exchange Regulations across multiple jurisdictions, and the like.

We provide individuals, start ups and businesses with patent filing, patent protection, patent advice, patent services, invention filing, invention protection, invention services, invention advice, copyright filing, copyright protection, trademark filing and trademark protection before Indian Patent and Trademark Office.


Business Management Services

Business Management Services

We help our clients grow and manage their businesses by providing customized business solutions including business management consulting, global patent strategy, technology management, patent portfolio management, technology licensing, technology commercialization, business valuation consulting, offshore companies, international tax planning, market entry strategy and brand licensing.

  1. Business Management Services: We provide business management services in all areas of business. We work alongside management teams at all stages of the start-up cycle right from business plan consulting to initial public offering (IPO). We provide specialized services for start-ups and entrepreneurs including business plan development that clearly communicates various crucial parameters of the business model to business partners and funding sources including venture capital firms, angels, and corporate investors. We provide efficient services for specifically targeting your needs of our clients in a timely manner. Learn more.
  2. Patent Strategy Experts: We assist our clients in setting up a long-term patent strategy that aligns with their business goals in addition to consultation and advisory regarding general patent matters. We know that a patent portfolio is hugely benefited by a customized patent strategy, which is in line with the corporate strategy. By drafting a sound patent strategy, we assist our clients in protecting their valuable technological know-how and minimizing cost at the same time, thereby maximizing the benefits from their Patents. We help our clients in making the right choices with regards to selection of technology to patent, technology landscape surveys, identifying licensing opportunities, due diligence, risk assessments, patent portfolio management, IP transactions, relevant countries to operate and file patents, expediting patent prosecution and the like. Learn more
  3. Technology Management: We provide responsive services to our clients to make sure that the results of their research are successfully commercialized and transferred to the industry, thereby driving economic growth and benefiting the general public. We provide resources and guidance to our clients including inventors and business partners as well as provide a medium for commercializing patents and technologies that are available for licensing. Learn more
  4. Business Valuation Consulting: We provide business valuation services to our clients for both listed and unlisted entities including valuations of intangible assets including brand, goodwill, customer relationships, intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs etc. The consulting services further include ESOP scheme framing, documentation and valuation for companies according to IFRS, private equity investment advisory, due diligence, exit formalities, raising funds via non convertible debentures, debt restructuring, investment banking services, financial & business due diligence, virtual CFO services, tax planning and management advisory, investor relationship (IR) services, liaising with banks and financial institutions, investment advisory and the like. Learn more.
  5. Offshore Companies: We assist our clients in offshore company registration, formation and management. The most common advantage of setting up offshore companies is low or zero tax offered by various jurisdictions with stronger privacy laws. We facilitate offshore company formation with bank account along with related business consultancy in highly professional and confidential manner. We further provide consultancy and advisory to enable our clients in setting up and managing their offshore assets across various jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, India, Singapore, US, Malaysia, Delaware, Nevada, BVI, Cyprus, Bahamas, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong etc.
  6. International Tax Planning: We provide international tax management and consultancy services to our clients including companies with international business activities, entrepreneurs, individuals with significant cross-border investments, professional service providers. We are aware that it is never preferred to pay high taxes and achieving significant tax savings is one of the main reasons for creating international entities and offshore companies. At the same time, corporations and individuals face multiple tax obligations that are required to be managed by professionals with international tax planning experience in a cost effective manner. We provide crucial consultancy and international tax planning advice during complex transactions for successfully managing cross-border taxation issues.
  7. Brand Licensing in India: We are committed to our clients in developing and expanding comprehensive licensing, marketing and social media programs with innovative and reliable consulting services. We also provide consulting services to brand owners regarding specific brands and / or trademarks, including business plan creation, contract negotiation, legal support for trademark registrations, contracts and agreements, unauthorized use of trademarks by competitors, domain name disputes etc.
  8. Market Entry Strategy: We provide global market entry services to help our clients enter the right market and maximize the competitive advantage. We assist our clients achieve their goals and objectives with a minimum amount of risk. Our services include Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Competitive Landscape Analysis, State-Of-Art Patent Searches, Freedom-To-Operate Analysis, Product Clearance Analysis, In-Licensing & Out-Licensing Of Patents, Investment Consultation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Global Patent Portfolio Creation, Management and Commercialization. Learn More