Business in Canada

Business in Canada

Canada is a G7-leading economy and Canada’s business climate nurtures innovation and enhances economic growth. We provide a wide variety of business services for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, professional offices and institutions who are interested in doing business in Canada.

We provide business consultancy regarding laws in Canada for companies who either plan to enter Canada or already conduct business in Canada, including, Patent Filing Strategies, Patentability Searches CIPO, Provisional & Non-provisional patent drafting, Office Action Responses, Patent Prosecution Support, Freedom-to-operate Searches, Patent Invalidation Analysis, Patent Claim Charts, Patent Portfolio Assessment, Strategic Patent Counseling, Mergers & Acquisitions, Incorporating a Legal Entity in Canada, Conducting business through branches, joint ventures and subsidiaries, impact of product liability laws, impact of labor and employment laws, General income tax issues, and the like.

We also assist our clients in providing business consultancy regarding investment in Canada by providing customized services, including, Strategic Market Intelligence, Information and advisory regarding setting up a business in Canada, Taxation & Immigration Advisory, and the like.

We provide technical consulting and guidance to our clients ranging from start-up ventures to large corporations in a wide range of technical matters, including new methods or processes, machines and mechanical devices, circuits, tools, structures, chemical and biological compositions (pharmaceuticals, DNA sequences, biological materials etc.), genetically engineered plants and animals, computer programs, mobile applications (apps), and business methods.

We provide individuals, startups and businesses with patent filing, patent protection, patent advice, patent services, invention filing, invention protection, invention services, invention advice, copyright filing, copyright protection, trademark filing and trademark protection before Indian Patent and Trademark Office.