malaysian patent agent

Legal Counsel in Malaysia – Role of Malaysian Patent Lawyer

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Job of a legal counsel in Malaysia includes being responsible for a range of legal and intellectual property (IP) related advice by providing intellectual property and legal services to local businesses. Such legal services include providing support for third party licensing of intellectual property rights, including, patents in Malaysia, trademarks in Malaysia, etc.

In addition, other responsibilities include formulating, drafting, and negotiating IP agreements, such as secrecy agreements, patent licensing agreements, technology licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, service agreements, business partnership agreements, product development agreements, website development agreements, mobile app development agreements, website terms of use, user agreements, website terms and conditions, mobile app terms and conditions, mobile app privacy policy, outsourcing agreements, valuation of business, valuation of technology, intellectual property valuation, patent valuation, trademark valuation, brand valuation, etc.

malaysian patent agent

To protect and enforce intellectual property rights in Malaysia, lawyers, law firms, intellectual property firms, patent agents, trademark agents and other professionals are required to provide professional, timely, cost-effective and practical legal advice, including, IP advice and support to the local and global businesses interested in doing business in Malaysia.

Trademark filing and trademark registration procedure in Malaysia includes brand clearance search, Madrid protocol international trademark filing, brand protection, brand management, use, and licensing of trademarks, design rights, copyright materials, and domain names.

To protect brand name in Malaysia, it is crucial to focus on brand protection work, particularly enforcement of trademarks, coordinating with international trademark law firms for anti-counterfeiting, trademark watch, trademark opposition, trademark licensing, trademark valuation, and the like.


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